Friction Car Experiment and Map Prank

On the podcast this week, Richie Leahey talks about building cars for science olympiad and a prank he played on a friend.

Science Olympiad – Friction Car Experiment

Objective: Students will analyze which surfaces produce the most friction.

For this experiment, each group of students designed and built their own wooden cars. Then we set up ramps in the classroom created using different materials. The students sent their cars down each ramp measuring the distance that it traveled. Once the students completed their initials tests, they had to come up with ideas to make the cars travel even further down each ramp. Then we tested their theories using their cars again.

How Can You Use Emotional Intelligence To Build The Best Team You Can?

A while back I spoke with a friend of mine. He uses a lot of great quotes and one that really sticks with me is, “Teachability is man’s capacity for growth.” It’s about always being open to learning something new. As true as this is, at times it can be difficult to do. Even avid learners can get stuck sometimes. Even if you are committed to constant improvement, by constantly reading and trying to stay ahead, you can still get stuck. Everything cannot be learned from a book. Some things you have to experience. As consultants, one of the biggest challenges we see is leaders getting stuck when it comes to people skills and communication. 

Even best-selling authors will tell you that the bottom line for leaders is getting the message out and communicating it effectively. It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. Your audience needs to hear it, understand it and act upon it. A leader’s job is to create the: vision, alignment, and execution. The way you align people to get things done is by communicating your vision. Let everyone clearly know what has to happen to make it happen.

This is one of the biggest issues for new supervisors who are in a management role for the first time. The reality is most people get to a supervisory or management position based on their technical skills. The best welder becomes the welding manager, the top finance guy becomes the finance manager, or your best salesperson becomes the sales manager. They are promoted because of their skills and knowledge base; not for their leadership and communication skills. Often times, these highly skilled technical people may “lack the people skills.” It’s not that they can’t develop these skills, but up to this point they haven’t had to develop these skills.

The reality of leadership is that technical skills are the price of admission. Having the skills to go from A to B gets you in the door. What sets you apart as a great leader is developing your people skills. Learning to take a vision and communicate it effectively, so that people understand it and will act upon it. I’m always fascinated when I talk to business owners, business leaders, and new supervisors. They will suggest that hard skills are the technical knowledge of getting it done and soft skills are just the other stuff. The reality is that soft skills are very hard to implement. They are not soft skills at all! People need to understand that communication skills, people skills and understanding how to get your message across is the hard side of business. They are very difficult to do and lacking those skills will derail great companies, individuals and entrepreneurs. It’s just one of those issues that can take everything you are trying to accomplish and knock it off the tracks.

Leaders need to take a good look at their communication skills, as well as their manager’s communication skills and find ways to help develop them. They probably didn’t get to that position because they lacked a technical skill, but they need the communication ability to sell the vision. It is important for leaders to take their knowledge and communicate it in a way that can be heard and understood by their followers. The bottom line is that it is completely irrelevant what leaders say. What is absolutely crucial is what is heard and understood.

Of Solopreneurs and Supertemps

These days you have probably heard the term “micro trend.” Basically, a micro trend is when up to 1% of the population moves in a certain direction, by purchasing a certain product, using certain tool, etc. Once a micro trend is underway and 1% of the population begins to move towards that trend, there is a momentous shift. The power and influence of that micro trend can actually change culture. 

There is a micro trend going on right now. The trend today is how small and medium-sized businesses are acquiring the talent they need to get things done. I would like business owners and decision makers to really pay attention to this. Those of us who adopt this quickly will have a strategic advantage over our competition. Being innovative is not being the first to have an idea. It’s being the first to have an idea that gets completely implemented. So how are businesses bringing people on board? Business owners should ask themselves a few questions:

  • What could my business accomplish if I had the best talent?
  • How could I outpace my competition? 
  • What could I accomplish if I could afford the best talent available?

Think about how you could get “ahead of the game” and how you could outpace your competition if you had the best talent available. Once you’ve answered that, the only thing left is to find the talent to implement your objective. The good news is that the talent is out there and you may find it to be a bargain! 

I’ve been talking a great deal lately about solopreneurship. A solopreneur is someone who takes their years of experience and knowledge capital and finds ways to leverage it into several businesses, rather than just one. The May issue of the Harvard Business Review called this micro trend “the next big idea.” What HBR is calling the “supertemp” is synonymous with the term solopreneur. HBR explain that businesses are becoming extraordinarily comfortable with just-in-time talent. The old model was to hire people permanently to drive initiatives, however, the new model is to define the initiatives, create a project and bring in a supertemp (or solopreneur) to get it done. 

The challenge for business owners is this. First, you need to shift your thinking on your talent acquisition strategy. We run so many decisions through an old filter of the way things used to be, but things just aren’t that way anymore. Next, understand that consultants who drive these strategic initiatives are no longer exclusively a domain of the Fortune 500. This type of brainpower is available for small to medium sized businesses. No longer do you need to hire some big consulting firm to tackle these huge projects. What was probably true 15 years ago is no longer the case anymore. Another important thing business owners and decision makers need to understand is that they can bring in talent to attack their initiatives and outpace their competition. There is no doubt about that. 

There was a time when you needed to be in a company, major consulting firm or in a corporate situation. But somewhere along the way, many talented people began to realize they were spending too much time in useless meetings and political infighting. This atmosphere didn’t allow them to do what they were passionate about doing, so they stepped out on their own. 

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about outsourcing talent from an IT standpoint. We all know that trend has been going on for a long time. I’m talking about professional management, executive leadership, outsourcing CPAs, and supervisory skills. As a business owner, you don’t need to look to major consulting firms to get this kind of extraordinary talent. This talent is available and even the Harvard Business Review is talking about it. It is no longer just available for the Fortune 500s. Today, hiring solopreneurs is the best strategy for business owners that have specific projects in need of just-in-time knowledge and experience. The businesses that adopt this talent acquisition strategy are going to outpace their competitors significantly! 

Taking the Leap Into Solopreneurship

Let’s look at the word solopreneur. We all know what it means to be an entrepreneur. The word solopreneur has a little different take on this meaning. A solopreneur is someone who takes their years of valuable experience (I like to think of it as years in R&D) and stops searching for traditional employment. They take those years of R&D, step out and make something happen. Let’s add this new word to our vocabulary. I think that from a business perspective, related to solopreneurship or entrepreneurship, it’s also time to think of what new meanings there are to words like “safe”, “secure”, and “risky.” What is a safe job? What is a secure job? What is risky? Is corporate America really safe? Is it really that secure? Is making a minimal investment in your future that risky?

Five, ten or fifteen years ago, an investment in an entrepreneurial or solopreneurialstart-up meant tens of thousands of dollars. Now the investment is really very minimal, if anything, at this point in time. To answer this question about solopreneurship, here are five trends that we see for folks that may be considering this as a business strategy:

  1. Expense dollars vs. fixed costs: Business leaders and business decision-makers are becoming very open to using expense dollars to get things done vs. fixed costs. Meaning, there is a huge trend of bringing in “just-in-time” talent to get a project done vs. leveraging payroll expenses or adding to payroll.
  2. Leverage talent for big projects: Businesses are willing to bring in just-in-time talent for significant projects and not just the little throw-away projects. During the recession, people needed to do more with less so many very important projects were put on the back burner. Business owners are now starting to say, “Hey, it’s time to pull these out and get them done.” If they bring in someone with 30-years of experience to get the project done, the ramp-up time is less. There may be little to no training costs and no residual expense because once the project is complete that talent goes away. There is a side benefit to businesses, as well. While they bring in a 30-year experienced person to handle a project, they are also getting knowledge capital to help train their new workforce.
  3. Start-up investment is minimal to none: The barrier to entry for becoming this kind of solopreneur is nearly zero. Solutions 21 has been in business for nearly 20 years. In the beginning, we needed an office, computers, a fax machine, software support, etc. It was literally thousands of dollars just to get started. That simply isn’t the case anymore. The investment is minimal if not non-existent and you may already have it in your pocket. These days a smartphone, getting cloud applications or bringing on virtual support may be all you need to get you there.
  4. The virtual workforce is now a reality: What I want to drive home is that 10 or 15 years ago “working virtually” or “working out of your home office” really meant that you were unemployed, and not a consultant on your own. However, that’s just not the case anymore.
  5. Develop a network: For entrepreneurs or solopreneurs that are thinking about doing this, it used to be there was nowhere for you to connect with others. In this world of social media, you have the ability to reach out to like-minded individuals and now you can develop a network. Join networks that allow you to talk and chat and bounce ideas off of other like-minded people.

I think it’s time for us to look at words, the meaning of those words, and the emotion those words bring out. Think about becoming an entrepreneur or a solopreneur. Is it really as risky as you might think? And on the other hand, is corporate America really as safe and secure as it once was?

The Definition of a “Solopreneur”

Lately, we have spent a lot of time discussing the concept of “solopreneurship,” which originated from the term “solopreneur.” This subject has stimulated a tremendous amount of interesting conversations! The idea of solopreneurship has taken hold and created a lot of motivational interest for some and others are a little hesitant to take that leap.

One of the concepts I have challenged, based on the idea of entrepreneur or solopreneur, is that “preneur” could be considered a kind of phraseology that equates to risk-taker. Going back to the turn of the century, entrepreneurs have been people with big bold ideas.  These were the huge risk-takers willing to work 24 hours a day to get things done.  When you talk about entrepreneur or solopreneur I think there is an assumption that they are risk-takers putting everything they have on the line. This may be true in some instances, but it’s certainly not true in all cases in today’s modern world.  

The solopreneurs we are talking about are people who are their own businesses. In the past, running your own business required an awful lot of support. It required a tremendous amount of investment just to get that started and that’s no longer true today.  You can get virtual help, virtual bookkeeping, and virtual administrative support just about anywhere. Just having a smartphone can be enough of an investment in many cases to get your business up and running.

Another point I would like to make is that there is a huge trend of vanishing knowledge capital in today’s market place.  The first baby boomer officially turned sixty-five on January 1, 2011. For the next 18 years, they will be marching toward retirement and taking this tremendous amount of knowledge capital along with them.

The Importance of Developing Emotional Intelligence

Entrepreneurs get something started, they keep trying to move it forward, they realize that it’s not working so they retrench and start again.  However, it’s that feedback mechanism of continually building on that, and as a leader you know it’s really important to get your mind around those three key areas of vision, alignment, and execution. There hasn’t really been any leader that I’ve worked with, from fortune 500 to start-up, which has not worked very, very hard on their EQ.  Frankly, there aren’t many really great leaders out there, in my humble opinion, that haven’t developed really great EQ or at least the understanding that they need to be working on that.

Most leaders have some kind of technical skill in a certain area but they really work hard on that emotional intelligence side of life.  Here are 6 key points I think leaders should consider:

  1. Get input on how you can be better.  You know as a leader the bottom line is that it all starts with you. Go to your board, go to your peers, and talk to your managers and get assessed. It is important to understand where you can improve.
  2. Look at your managers and how you can get some help. How can you coach them? How can you make them better? How can your managers get better? Frankly, how can you get better? If you don’t think it’s broke how can you fix it?  Find out some different areas that you can work at. Get a set of outside eyes.
  3. Look at leadership as a continuous improvement program. You never arrive.  I constantly quote John Wooden saying, “It’s what you learn after you know everything that counts.” You never arrive.
  4. Realize that no one can be great at everything.  Naturally, you may be a little better at the vision side of it, or maybe you are better at creating that alignment or that execution. You may be better at one, but realize that you have to improve in other areas and develop your team to help fill in those gaps.  One of the keys is to be open about your weaknesses and developmental needs.  Admitting it is not a weakness, admitting it is a strength, because everybody knows that you have those weaknesses anyway. Admit them upfront and get your team to fill in those gaps.
  5. Communicate, communicate, and communicate your message again and again.
  6. Traditional performance management is dead. If you are looking at vision, creating alignment and execution, then how are you constantly communicating with folks and creating this alignment and execution? Get rid of those annual reviews, which really aren’t every twelve months, they are every fifteen to twenty months, so get rid of them. In your organization, create a mechanism that provides what folks want and that is real-time feedback. It creates alignment, it inspires your team and allows you to give and get feedback so that you can drive your vision home, it provides the structure that you need.

Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders

Richie Leahey talks about the Nintendo Switch pre-orders and why some retail stores are having issues.

I start off the podcast talking about the launch of the Nintendo Switch and my fears that it may not arrive during launch weekend. Even though it is only February, allergies are starting to rile up and bother me so I apologize for some breathing and sniffling throughout the podcast.

Preauthorized charges on credit cards are causing Best Buy pre-orders of the Nintendo Switch to be cancelled. I talk about gas station locking my debit card by not cancelling the pre charge and charging the actual amount for gas on top of the preauth charge. Then talk about the credit card fraud protection preventing me from making an overseas purchase. The charge was still cancelled after calling the company to get the charge through.

Talk about LittleBigPlanet 2 and then talking about Little Big Planet 3 and how there was no direction in the game or story.

GH4 for Sports Photography

Richie Leahey talks about using the Panasonic GH4 camera for sports photography.

I’m talking about the Pansaonic G-H4 once again. AJ’s junior high football highlights and the cloud observation.

Science Olympiad – Cloud Observation

Objective: Students will predict precipitation based on the type of cloud currently present outside.

4K Video Camera

Richie Leahey talks about 4K video and the Panasonic GH-4 camera.

I start off by talking about photography and putting videos and photography projects up on the website and cleaning up my old hard drive with family videos and posting them on the site to fill out the blog to help search result rankings. This week I am putting up the highlights I made of my brother playing Junior High Basketball. I talk about moving the videos from a Socially Numb YouTube channel to moving everything under my personal YouTube channel to help build content. The Socially Numb show will just be focused around the website. Talk about cameras for videos and how I got the Panasonic GH-4 for video and how it compares to the X-T1 by Fuji. Carolina Rebellion with coverage to try to get passes to interview bands at the event. Science Olympiad Simple Machine scavenger hunt. LittleBigPlanet beat on PS3 it was sort of a short game and didn’t take long to beat the story mode. Beat Dynasty Warriors Vol. 1 on the PSP.

Science Olympiad – Simple Machine Scavenger Hunt

Objective: Students will describe a simple machine, what it does, and how it makes work easier.

Over the Shoulder Camera

Richie Leahey tests out mobile recording in this episode due to traveling over the weekend and the Super Bowl. He discusses his issue with Resident Evil 5 and talks about his first video editing project.

Science Olympiad – Erosion Experiment

Objective: Students will observe how the type of soil affects how much erosion can occur.

For this experiment, we took aluminum foil and used it to line narrow plastic bins. The bins were placed at a downward angle that led into another plastic bin at the bottom, sort of like a water slide. The plastic bin at the bottom collected the excess water as it went through the soil. We compared different soil types from the area, collecting four samples of each. Once the slides were created, we poured a cup of water in the soil at the top of the slide and observed it as it made its way to the bottom.

The Beginning of Web Strategy

If you’ve been in business for twenty years, this is going to sound very familiar. If you’re a new entrepreneur, look this up historically and it will make great sense. Think back to the early 1990s. What was your company’s web strategy? You might chuckle now and say that back then you would have asked, “What web strategy?  What is the Internet?” That is if you even had a website back then. My guess is that if you did have a website, it was static, more or less an electronic brochure.

Here’s a really interesting thought. In 1994 there were 10,000 websites.  Think about that, 10,000 websites. What happened in 1994 when a leader assembled his team and started to try and look around that corner and attack this thing called the Internet?  He brings his team together and everyone on his team has about the same amount of experience as he does. In other words, no one had any experience at that point in time with the Internet! Now this “brain trust” is together and they are asking each other,  “How do we look around the corner? How do we pro-act to what’s about to happen?”  You can imagine what was talked about, “This thing (the Internet) will never last. This is a waste of time. This is a waste of money…” Then finally someone has the courage to put his or her hand up and say, “Oh hey, by the way, Boss, what is the Internet?”

If you go back less than 20 years ago, this major sea of change happened and we really looked at it as a replacement for what we already knew.  It was an electronic brochure. How about those folks that refused to look at it that way? What about the ones who saw something completely different and really did look around the corner?  (I am not talking about the dot-com bubble folks that weren’t following business fundamentals. You know no business is worth a billion dollars that doesn’t have any revenue.)  I’m talking about those folks that built a business on fundamentals. Those who took and applied foundational business practices to look around the corner. How did they do?

Adding Segments and Video Game Updates

Richie Leahey starts off the episode by talking about expanding the podcast by adding segments and extra bits to it. He says he is going to bring in projects that he has worked on in the past and talk about them on the show. Then he gives an update on what video games he has been playing and states that he is still planning on bringing in a game a week to talk about on the podcast. He ends the show talking about the Nintendo Switch and why he believes Nintendo didn’t build the battery in the screen to be removable.

Proprietary Hardware and Accessories

Richie talks about the big Nintendo Switch reveal and how its costs have diminished his excitement for the console. The proprietary hardware, accessories and extras are going to drive up the price of the console to the point where it would more cost effective to go with either the Xbox One or the PS4. He also talks about how Nintendo seems to do this with every console and how it is comparable to Apple with their SuperDrive being a perfect example.

Brand Loyalty

Richie talks about the upcoming video game consoles and why you, as a consumer, should not be loyal to brands. Richie talks about being burnt in the past by brands not having products that lived up to their billing. He digs deep into a story of a hack of Tecmo Super Bowl he made called Chaos Bowl. He ends the podcast by talking about his hopes for Project Scorpio and its potential as an all-in-one media device.

Is Leadership Just About Leading People?

Recently, I got into a discussion on this subject with a leader and his team from one of the organizations we work with. They were talking about leadership, what does it mean and what does it particularly mean to their organization. Then the conversation eventually evolved into, “Is leadership just about leading people?”

Leadership is more than just about leading people.  Not to downplay the importance of leading people because it is hard work, whether you’re leading 2 or 2,000 or 20,000 folks, to get them all on the same page. What I mean is, it is a leader’s job to also lead markets, to create a culture that leads innovation and to be the leader of trends. You can research this all you want, but what leadership really comes down to is three key areas:

  • Vision
  • Alignment
  • Execution

It’s really a leader’s job to deeply understand what is about to happen. Reading the tea leaves and then aligning the organization to attack that market.  The reality is that a leader should have their team overcoming what is happening now and proactively addressing what is going to happen. When it comes to looking around the corner, a key fundamental for leaders to focus on is acquiring strong talent for their organizations. 

017 Year 4 Development Chart

Richie gives details on the future of the podcast and the introduction of video. He then dives into the year 4 milestones and what to expect from your child at this age. Children will want to play with other children and they will begin to understand and retell stories. They will also experience increased balanced and be able to catch objects with their hands.

The Launch of Southbound Sports

Richie discusses the launch of a new sports site which is a spinoff of the Socially Numb podcast. This site moves Socially Numb from a full variety show to a show focusing on tech and gaming. The new site, Southbound Sports, will take over sports coverage. Richie talks about producing video content and how that will affect the future of Socially Numb. He ends the podcast by breaking down his new macro lens and Raspberry Pi, his Christmas bounty.

The Christmas Spirit and Disappointment

Richie starts off by diving into the Christmas traditions his family follows. He then gives a cryptic look into family visits during Christmas vacation. Next he talks about the improvement in digital cameras and the differences between a crop sensor camera and a full frame camera. He follows that with a sad Christmas tale of receiving a dead camera flash as his present. He ends the podcast on a positive note with some great fantasy football news.

Deflating Footballs and Our First Chat

Richie starts off the podcast mourning the death of former Heisman trophy winner Rashaan Salaam. He then talks briefly about the differences between cameras for photography and video before moving on to Super Mario Run. He follows that up with a quick breakdown of Madden and the Heisman trophy ceremony before going into a rant on the Giants for accusing the Steelers of deflating footballs. The podcast ends with its first ever guest, Matty B, who talks about the College Football Playoffs, the Heisman trophy and the Orange Bowl.

Cyber Week and the College Football Playoffs

Richie starts off the podcast talking about how Cyber Monday has turned into Cyber Week. There is no end in sight for the expansion of these type of sales. He then dives into the free Playstation game, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and explains why it should be billed as a video experience and not a video game. He talks about the Krampus holiday and digs into the College Football Playoff selection.

The Power of Positive Thinking

When it comes to running a business, entrepreneurs are often caught up in just making it happen. Making sure payroll is met, customers are content, employees are engaged and things are being done correctly.  Rarely do they sit back and say, “Wow, we’re getting some cool things accomplished here!” At Leahey Media, working with leaders we realize that oftentimes the failure to take the time to recognize the good things really can have a negative effect. It doesn’t necessarily project the positive excitement and enthusiasm that most leaders want to display. 

Let’s be honest, sometimes we are all just too busy to stop and reflect. We think it’s important for leaders to focus on these three Rs:

  • Retreat. If you look up the word “retreat” in the dictionary it says: to make your plans, not in the heat of battle but to pull back or withdraw. Realistically, it’s very difficult to think strategically when you are in the midst of a battle. Leaders need to take themselves, their teams, and retreat. Don’t stay in the heat of battle all the time, but pull back and think about what your next moves should be. It is important to be sure you are making decisions without the constant pressure of the day-to-day struggle.
  • Recharge. This is very difficult for a lot of businesspeople and especially entrepreneurs. Frankly, this is one of my biggest developmental areas. Retreat, pull back, make your plan away from the heat of battle, and then recharge. Did you know that this “R” is Biblical?  Take a day of rest, without putting a whole lot on your plate. You only have so much energy and there is only so much that you can get done. As leaders, allowing yourself to run out of gas is not fair to those whose respect you command and who follow you.
  • Reflect. Take a moment and give yourself a little bit of credit. Ask yourself, “What are we doing really well?” and think about this from a positive standpoint.  At Case Western Reserve University they focus on what is called appreciative inquiry. This involves taking what you want to get done and focusing on the positive aspects. It is incredible how much more innovative groups become by using this approach. 

When you’re an entrepreneur, you are the wheel that drives the machine. You need to get things done! If the CEO of a 200,000-employee firm gets the flu and doesn’t show up for a week, you know that 199,999 other folks will get things done. If an entrepreneur has the flu and doesn’t show up for a week, things could get worse. This is why we try to get the leaders we work with to remember those three Rs. It is important to take the time to retreat, recharge, reflect and get your mind around what’s good and positive. As a leader, that will carry over as you are interfacing with your team.

Here is a little homework. This weekend, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee. By the time you have finished that cup, I want you to have reflected on what you’ve accomplished in the past twelve months. Think about it very positively and stop pushing yourself on what is yet to do.  That will take care of itself and you will get those things done. Take some time to retreat, reflect, and recharge. As a result, I guarantee the people who follow you into battle will feel a renewed energy and be motivated to tackle the next obstacle moving forward.

Website Technology

Richie digs into the technology used behind the scenes of the Socially Numb website. He follows up with a chat about streaming video games on Twitch. He then gets into his gaming dream – dual screen output from a video game console. He expands this by stating that he hopes the Nintendo Switch multiplayer on multiple screens supports 4 players and allows for dual screen output like they do on the 3DS. He wants the main screen to show the game while the secondary screen shows a map and items. Richie continues to refer to the Charlotte Hornets as the Charlotte Bobcats and blames it on them for their inconsistency.

Google Fiber Layoffs

Richie talks about Google and the layoffs they announced to their Google Fiber division. He talks about how other internet providers are running out of competitors and why he fears prices for at home entertainment will continue to rise. He goes into pay to play networks for games and how providers give free games for those that pay for online use. He gives tips regarding network access cards and talks about why it is safer to use them to pay for services instead of saving your credit card in the system.

Is Becoming an Entrepreneur Really That Risky?

When talking about leadership, one point I try to stress is that it is a leader’s job not only to lead people and projects but also to look around corners and spot trends. Leaders need to tackle what’s happening now, anticipate what will happen in the future and make sure those resources are aligned. As a result of this discussion, I have received tremendous feedback, including several questions about leadership, entrepreneurship, trend spotting, and how to look around corners. 

One interesting question was about trend spotting, as it relates to someone thinking about becoming an entrepreneur for the first time

“After a thirty-year career in business, I’m thinking about taking the entrepreneurial leap. I’m very concerned about the risk at this stage in my career and the uncertainty. Are there any economic trends I should be aware of before I take the leap?”

For the record, I don’t know this individual, their background or what business they want to take the leap to, so I can’t get very specific on an answer.  However, that question got me thinking about the uncertainty and risks involved in becoming an entrepreneur and what are some of the trends one should consider before taking the leap.

I want to challenge this thought right out of the gate. In this economy, is becoming an entrepreneur really that risky?  Think about it.  One of the things that prompted me to respond to this individual’s question is that English is a living language and words tend to take on different meanings.  Words that meant one thing 10, 20 or 100 years ago can mean something completely different today.  New words have emerged like “blog”, “tweet” and “app.” There was a time when “tweet” to me was Tweety Bird!  Ten years ago those words didn’t even exist.

The words and communications of the living English language are meant to paint a picture and derive an emotion for certain things.  What I want you to grasp is that 10 years ago entrepreneurship may have meant “risk-taker” or “someone willing to take the leap.”  However, I would challenge that the word had a meaning then that may no longer be true. Is being an entrepreneur today really that risky? I might argue otherwise.  In some cases, leveraging your thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur could be the least risky thing you can do!

According to an interview in USA Today, 23 out of 27 prominent economists believe the unemployment rate will return to 5% by the end of 2015.  However, most of them think it will be at 6% at least until the year 2020.  That is a long time if you are searching for a new position or are currently unemployed and looking for a job. Pick an age, whether you are 50, 52, or 55. Eight years from now is a long time to be sitting on the sidelines. So, is being an entrepreneur really that risky?

008 Introducing SIDS and Developmental Charts

Richie begins the podcast by talking about the developmental charts used to gauge the growth of children. This leads him to talk about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and his worries as a first time parent. He circles back around to developmental charts and explains that they will be the basis of the upcoming podcasts.

All Things Open

Richie starts off the podcast by taking about the expansion of the Socially Numb website. He follows that up with some coverage of the All Things Open conference held in Raleigh, North Carolina every fall. Then he gets into the Playstation Network game Datura and how it was an extreme disappointment. He then dives into professional sports television packages and how the MLS playoffs are available over the air on Univision.

There was a tech bike that seemed like a great prize, but I wouldn’t know where to store it. I would imagine a tech bike would be stolen immediately. Bikes are items that are stolen frequently. If there is an area where increased tech can do some good, it would be bike GPS systems. It would be great to be able to track your bike from your phone. I think you would see thefts go down. I am hoping they offer up the tech bike as a prize, it would be great to see if it offers any of these modern features.

All Things Open 2016 – First Impressions

All Things Open is a technology convention that takes place downtown Raleigh, North Carolina every year. The goal of the convention is to promote open source technology. Open source technology is technology that is available for anyone to use and modify. This means that anyone can see the source code of an open source project and make improvements on it. A lot of large tech companies use open source software to run their products. A common example of this is Google running Android as their smartphone operating system. Android is a huge open source project.

The All Things Open convention marked the first time I have ever entered the Raleigh Convention Center. Traffic around Raleigh has never bothered me, as it has never been as bad as the traffic I have experienced traveling through Pittsburgh. There is a parking garage right beside the Convention Center that lets you park for $7. I am not sure how that compares to other cities but it seemed like a decent value for the convenience of not having to walk very far.

The keynote speaker began at 8:45 and there was an announcement regarding t-shirts. They were giving away shirts to the participants first to arrive at the convention in the morning. They announced that they did not have the shirts ready in time so they were sorry that some people who arrived first did not receive a shirt. I didn’t check in early so I wasn’t worried about the whole shirt ordeal. I was interested in the vendor booths. Since most people were taking a seat inside before the start of the keynote speaker, I took advantage of the short lines at the booths.

Typically at conventions, prizes are given away to attendees willing to sign up for mailing lists. This is a great way to make contacts in the business for people just starting out, but experienced veterans already have a contact list in their industry. Since I am not interested in the products, I look around to find the best prizes. The top prize in my eyes was a free laptop. You only had to give your email to enter the drawing which is a win. There are laws in place to get yourself removed from email lists easily. The laptop will be drawn during the second keynote speaker.

Other than the laptop, I found most of the prizes underwhelming. There were a lot of booths giving away free shirts, cups, stress relievers or water bottles. These are common prizes at any convention so there was no need for me to try to get any of them. The conference seems to be expanding rapidly. I am pleasantly surprised at the wifi connection speeds and am able to work while at the convention. If you work in tech and would like to learn about software that can cut costs, open source is the way to go. Based on first impression, I would recommend checking it out.

007 Syndication and Halloween

This is an in-between episode where Richie talks about a schedule change for the Dad Strength podcast. The podcast will now be released on Wednesday. He then talks about going out for Trick or Treat and dressing up for Halloween. He finishes the episode by talking about Saturday morning cartoons and sign language.

Nintendo Switch and MLB Payrolls

Richie talks about expanding the Socially Numb website. He also talks about updates to the platform that hosts the podcast. He touches on the Universities in Pennsylvania that went on strike and how the athletes at those schools are at an advantage when they don’t have to attend class. He gives a rundown on the newly announced Nintendo Switch video game console. He circles back around to his idea about the virtual Nintendo store and how it could be used to boost sales for the Nintendo Switch. He goes into Major League Baseball payroll and starts to analyze how teams that spend more money may have a better chance at winning a championship. He wants to know if the Chicago Cubs have a legitimate gripe over not winning the World Series for decades.

Email Hacking and Pokémon Go

Richie starts off the podcast by diving into the hacking being reported around the Presidential race. He then gives tips on keeping your information secure. He follows that up with a rant on Pokémon Go. He tries to figure out why the Panthers are struggling compared to the rest of the NFL after their Super Bowl appearance last year. He goes into fantasy football tips and talks about making your own roster moves and ignoring the projections as they are always wrong. He goes into a project he is working on about team payrolls in Major League Baseball and how payroll is connected to championships.

Hurricane Matthew

Richie starts off the podcast by talking about Hurricane Matthew. He follows up with talk of the leak of the new Nintendo console. It looks like all of the coverage of the leak trails back to a post on Reddit. Some news outlets were even posting screenshots of the Reddit leak and treating it like it was their coverage. He digs behind the strategy of the new Nintendo console and what they could do to gain back a sizable chunk of the gaming market. He talks about how Nintendo should start a cloud market and create emulators for mobile devices like tablets and phones and sell their old games on the cloud market. He talks about the college football playoff hopes for each conference and thinks the Big 12 will be left out as they have the slimmest margin of error for their remaining games.

003 How to Have Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Richie talks about sleep schedules with a baby in the house. He stresses how important it is to keep your schedule as close to the baby’s schedule to keep energy levels up. He also talks about keeping your house loud so that your baby becomes accustomed to sleeping in a normal environment.

Grizzly Attack and Expanding the Podcast

I had to travel this weekend to attend my sister’s wedding. Even though the travel made for a busy weekend, I have expanded the podcast to its full length. I have always planned to have the podcast run for about an hour and this is the first week I have put together enough content to reach that length. I am still feeling out the podcast format of multiple categories in this episode. I am not sure if I am going to keep forcing my way through every category I cover. I may only talk about categories whenever I have content to talk about them. I have also been updating the website but that is probably going to be an ongoing thing for a while until I get the format finalized.

As for my sister’s wedding, I have been shooting a Fuji X-T1 camera to do freelance photography for some of my web clients. The camera is great for website photography as it has great detail and colors that pop. I was able to do some side shots for her wedding party that she will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. The wedding itself was great and I had a great time there. The Michigan Wolverines taking down the Wisconsin Badgers in football made the weekend even sweeter. Especially, because my cousin is a Wisconsin fan and I got to see the disappointment on his face firsthand when Michigan scored the go ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter to win the game.

Speaking of sports, I am surprised with the amount of coverage that Vin Scully retiring has received. Living on the East coast my entire life, I didn’t even know who Vin Scully was. It would be different if he was a longtime national radio man but he was localized to the Los Angeles area. I couldn’t even pick Vin Scully out of a lineup of voice actors. In football news, the AP poll for college football is highly irrelevant this time of the year and yet it is the only thing major sports networks talk about. They should focus their coverage on actual team performance instead of these highly inflated team rankings.

In trending social news, a man was mauled by a grizzly. While he was trying to get help he decided to take a break to record a video and post it on social media. He went through his wounds and broke down how he was feeling. If I was mauled by a grizzly, posting to social media would be the last thing on my mind.

Also in social media, there should be some major gaming news coming out in the near future Gaming has been in a stalemate for a few years now with companies churning out the same games every year. I don’t see how that trend can continue. If you see some topics that should be trending, leave a comment below and I will check them out.

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They Fired Les Miles

I have started to expand the podcast in its second episode. This week clocks in with over a half hour of content. I am still working on getting the podcast expanded further to reach around an hour or so runtime. I start the episode off by picking up on trending topics in North Carolina where I currently live. This includes an update on the gas leak that has hit the southeastern part of the United States.

Like I predicted last week, the shortage has caused problems here in North Carolina. The trouble has even stretched further north into Virginia. The governor of North Carolina has declared a state of emergency and is encouraging people to report gas stations that have jacked up prices as a response to the shortage. This has helped alleviate some of my worries regarding the incident and the announcement was made shortly after I recorded the first episode. I had heard about the shortage secondhand through texts from friends. The topic wasn’t even picked up on social media until the outrage started in larger communities. The shortage of coverage may have been due to the insane amount of public outcry the Presidential race has garnered this year. The Presidential debates are beginning and the outcry is only going to get worse.

I have started to add segments to the podcast that cover certain topics. I feel like this is going to help drive the podcast forward but I am unsure of how the transitions are going to actually occur in each episode. I have a feeling they are going to be rough until I get some more episodes under my belt.

There are rumors that the full version of Windows 10 is going to launch on the Xbox disguised as a slimmed down version of the operating system. This would be huge for living room entertainment. I could see the Xbox becoming a standard in dorm rooms everywhere. Parents would no longer need to buy their children an entertainment device and a computer. The Xbox would be an all-in-one machine. You could switch from typing a paper to playing Halo in mere seconds on the same device. This would be revolutionary.

They would have to get the kinks out for it to fully work and I am not sure if Microsoft is going to be able to do it. I have had similar struggles with Apple. They make unnecessary updates and changes to their software that break things. The iOS10 update has been a major shift and has caused me to have trouble unlocking my phone. I have a feeling they force these updates on purpose to drive people to upgrade their device. Since the hardware in an iPhone lasts for years, there is no reason for people to buy a new iPhone every year. This has to hurt the bottom line for Apple. I think these updates will drive people to upgrade their phones. On the plus side, you can now remove stock apps from the phone. The Mac OS X Sierra update has similar issues and causes programs to crash when using the system menu.

In my first ever sports segment, I discuss the death of José Fernández. He died in a boating accident in the middle of the night. The story doesn’t quite add up but it is a big loss for Major League Baseball. José Fernández was a big up and coming star. In other outrageous news, LSU has fired Les Miles. LSU has now lost their last two National Championship winning coaches, Les Miles and Nick Saban. That is going to be a hard act to follow for whomever they hire. Enjoy!

Gas Leak

I started the Socially Numb podcast to take a look at current trending topics in the social media landscape. It is hard to grasp the meaning and impact these trends will have on modern society due to their short shelf life. Sometimes the news stories that will have the biggest impact on society do not even crack the trending topics list on social media. This week we had a great example of one such topic.

A huge gas pipeline has cracked in Alabama. Here in Raleigh, North Carolina, the story didn’t even make the local news. That was outrageous because it directly impacts everyone who lives in the southeastern part of the United States. The pipeline that cracked connects the oil reserves in Texas to the suppliers on the coast. That means all major gas stations are going to have a gas shortage. This will lead to price gouging and a bunch of other shady business maneuvers to drive business profits to combat this shortage.

I use this story as my main topic on the first ever episode of the Socially Numb podcast. This episode ends up being pretty short as I am working on figuring out my gear and getting the podcast syndicated. The podcast itself will be growing in the future and will probably settle around an hour runtime each week. My goal is to cover multiple topics across multiple categories each week. This will allow me some flexibility in my coverage of topics and allow me to keep each episode of the podcast full of quality material. Enjoy the first episode!

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