My Role Model — Andrew M. Teno Jr.

There are many extraordinary people who influence my life greatly. This includes: my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. But, one person whom I admire and love, and whose love and loyalty to his family and friends is so great, is my grandfather, Andrew M. Teno Jr., my role model. My grandfather was born […]


Heavy Metal Trivia One of the first programming projects I ever completed was a Heavy Metal Trivia application for Android phones. This application displayed a list of multiple choice questions broken down by category. The application kept score based on how many questions were correct in a series of ten questions. After the series was […]

URL Injection to Circumvent Web Security

I have worked as a web developer full-time for the past three years. Before that, I worked as a freelance web developer gaining experience and becoming proficient as a programmer. Over time, I was able to see common themes among websites I was hired to improve. Most websites are not designed with security in mind. […]

Artificial Intelligence in Penetration Testing and URL Injection

When artificial intelligence is mentioned, thoughts of robots becoming human-like and taking over the world are prevalent. (Mutlu, 2012) This is because of the misinformation passed along in the media. Artificial intelligence is used in a lot of everyday items and machines. Artificial intelligence is also key in the video game world. Most people do […]

Using the Naive Bayes Classifier for Statistical Analysis

The Naive Bayes Classifier takes a look at a set of information and analyzes it, giving an estimation on how to classify the information. The paper takes a look at using this classification technique to determine if characteristics are met in the content of an email to classify it as spam. The classifier itself is […]

A-Star Algorithms for Guided Search

A Comparative Study of A-Star Algorithms for Search and Rescue in a Perfect Maze focuses on using robots to find and rescue people in dangerous situations. There are many different situations where a robot may be the best answer to completing search and rescue missions. There could be a catastrophic earthquake or tornado where there […]

Smartphones as Micro-Computers

A smartphone is a micro-computer that falls under the class of desktop computers. Each smartphone has its own operating system that uses a native development language to run applications. A smartphone uses a variety of input devices to interact with these applications. Applications can be installed through a market that is included in the operating […]

Computer Processing in Guitar Amplification

There has always been a debate over which type of amplifier produces superior sound. With computer processors being produced that emulate vintage amplifiers, the similarities between solid state and vacuum tube amplifiers are becoming even closer. I. Introduction Over the years, many types of amplifiers and speakers were produced. This created a mixture of sounds […]