Development and marketing officers, meet your new best friend, Leahey Media. We can help you build your constituent base with an online community, generate online donations with cutting-edge fundraising software, convey emotion with your message through social media marketing, manage events, speak individually to each constituent, and much more!


Does your public relations and social media department want to attract as many eyes at the lowest cost possible? Leahey Media can meet your needs for admissions, development, alumni, and friend-to-friend fundraising all in one dynamic package.


Leahey Media business and enterprise collaborative relational software creates connections with your clients and colleagues, while showcasing your products and services through community building and social networking.


We know membership is the blood of your organization. Let us help you engage new and current members, enliven online fundraising with peer-to-peer fundraising, add value to their membership, and open a state-of-the-art communication platform.


Serving a higher power now utilizes high(er) tech software. Reach out to your congregation and adapt your communications tools to reach the young faithful.


Social networking builds and sustains relationships among patients as well as interaction between doctors and patients.

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