If you’ve been in business for twenty years, this is going to sound very familiar. If you’re a new entrepreneur, look this up historically and it will make great sense. Think back to the early 1990s. What was your company’s web strategy? You might chuckle now and say that back then you would have asked, “What web strategy?  What is the Internet?” That is if you even had a website back then. My guess is that if you did have a website, it was static, more or less an electronic brochure.

Here’s a really interesting thought. In 1994 there were 10,000 websites.  Think about that, 10,000 websites. What happened in 1994 when a leader assembled his team and started to try and look around that corner and attack this thing called the Internet?  He brings his team together and everyone on his team has about the same amount of experience as he does. In other words, no one had any experience at that point in time with the Internet! Now this “brain trust” is together and they are asking each other,  “How do we look around the corner? How do we pro-act to what’s about to happen?”  You can imagine what was talked about, “This thing (the Internet) will never last. This is a waste of time. This is a waste of money…” Then finally someone has the courage to put his or her hand up and say, “Oh hey, by the way, Boss, what is the Internet?”

If you go back less than 20 years ago, this major sea of change happened and we really looked at it as a replacement for what we already knew.  It was an electronic brochure. How about those folks that refused to look at it that way? What about the ones who saw something completely different and really did look around the corner?  (I am not talking about the dot-com bubble folks that weren’t following business fundamentals. You know no business is worth a billion dollars that doesn’t have any revenue.)  I’m talking about those folks that built a business on fundamentals. Those who took and applied foundational business practices to look around the corner. How did they do?

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