Leahey Media brings together the strengths in marketing, technology, and social media to help non-profits and organizations succeed. Through the use of technology, Leahey Media helps its clients and partners fulfill their missions much more effectively and efficiently. Leahey Media researches, innovates, and implements the latest technology and best practices and strives to exhibit the absolute highest level of honesty, professionalism, and respect. Leahey Media provides world-class solutions to its clients and partners at affordable price points while providing its team with the resources they need to be the very best.

We help non-profits, organizations, and businesses succeed by bringing together strengths in marketing, technology, and social media. In an increasingly technological world, we understand the complexities of digital systems and create custom computing and web solutions for you and your organization.

Richie Leahey, CEO and Founder, is the driving force behind the creative vision of Leahey Media. Richie Leahey graduated from Mount Aloysius College with a dual BS in Math, Science, and Technology and Education and the University of Michigan with an MS in Computer Science. Richie is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations within Leahey Media while assisting client needs. In his spare time, Richie enjoys traveling with his family and playing guitar.

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