Flag Frame Construction and the Legend of Zelda Series

Family Crest Flag

I received a 3′ x 5′ flag with my family crest on it as a gift. Since this was an important gift, I did not want to display it in a fashion where the flag could get damaged. I purchased some boards that were 2″ x 8″. I used these boards to build out a frame for the flag. Once I screwed them together, I had a rectangle that was slightly larger than the flag.

I covered this with a heavy duty piece of canvas that I folded over the boards and stapled on tight. This gave me a flat surface to lay the flag on. I did not want to screw directly into the flag, so I purchased large washers and screwed them over the flag to hold it in place.

Once the flag was held in place, I got a piece of plastic sheeting that covered the entire flag. I laid this on top of the flag and used large washers to hold it in place as well. To finish out the frame, I then attached decorative wood around the border of the flag.