NFL Championship Games Recap and First Video Podcast

I am solo on this podcast as I am beginning to test video equipment for our show. This will help expand our reach and build up content for our YouTube channel. So if you don’t follow us already, head over to YouTube and subscribe to Southbound Sports.

The NFL Championship games featured prominent matchups. The four teams left were the teams most people expected to see in the championship round. In the NFC, the high flying Falcons took on the hot Packers. In the AFC, the dominant Patriots faced the gritty Steelers.

The Packers have been on a hot streak lately, but it took a wildly accurate throw to get them to advance into this game. The Falcons tore them apart and made them look like they didn’t belong. The Falcons controlled the entire game and were never really challenged by the Packers. They look to continue the hot streak as they move on to the Super Bowl.

The Steelers tried to keep the Patriots in check, but the methodical drives of the Patriots helped pave the way for New England to once again return to the Super Bowl. The Steelers are an aging team in key positions so it hurts to have them come so close to reaching another Super Bowl. Rumors are swirling that Ben Roethlisberger may retire this offseason. That makes this loss even more bitter for Steelers fans.

The Super Bowl is setting up to be another classic game. The Falcons are able to score at will on offense and will face a stout Patriots defense. Something will have to give in the big game.