4K Video Camera

Richie Leahey talks about 4K video and the Panasonic GH-4 camera.

I start off by talking about photography and putting videos and photography projects up on the website and cleaning up my old hard drive with family videos and posting them on the site to fill out the blog to help search result rankings. This week I am putting up the highlights I made of my brother playing Junior High Basketball. I talk about moving the videos from a Socially Numb YouTube channel to moving everything under my personal YouTube channel to help build content. The Socially Numb show will just be focused around the website. Talk about cameras for videos and how I got the Panasonic GH-4 for video and how it compares to the X-T1 by Fuji. Carolina Rebellion with coverage to try to get passes to interview bands at the event. Science Olympiad Simple Machine scavenger hunt. LittleBigPlanet beat on PS3 it was sort of a short game and didn’t take long to beat the story mode. Beat Dynasty Warriors Vol. 1 on the PSP.

Science Olympiad – Simple Machine Scavenger Hunt

Objective: Students will describe a simple machine, what it does, and how it makes work easier.

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