Gas Leak

I started the Socially Numb podcast to take a look at current trending topics in the social media landscape. It is hard to grasp the meaning and impact these trends will have on modern society due to their short shelf life. Sometimes the news stories that will have the biggest impact on society do not even crack the trending topics list on social media. This week we had a great example of one such topic.

A huge gas pipeline has cracked in Alabama. Here in Raleigh, North Carolina, the story didn’t even make the local news. That was outrageous because it directly impacts everyone who lives in the southeastern part of the United States. The pipeline that cracked connects the oil reserves in Texas to the suppliers on the coast. That means all major gas stations are going to have a gas shortage. This will lead to price gouging and a bunch of other shady business maneuvers to drive business profits to combat this shortage.

I use this story as my main topic on the first ever episode of the Socially Numb podcast. This episode ends up being pretty short as I am working on figuring out my gear and getting the podcast syndicated. The podcast itself will be growing in the future and will probably settle around an hour runtime each week. My goal is to cover multiple topics across multiple categories each week. This will allow me some flexibility in my coverage of topics and allow me to keep each episode of the podcast full of quality material. Enjoy the first episode!

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