Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders

Richie Leahey talks about the Nintendo Switch pre-orders and why some retail stores are having issues.

I start off the podcast talking about the launch of the Nintendo Switch and my fears that it may not arrive during launch weekend. Even though it is only February, allergies are starting to rile up and bother me so I apologize for some breathing and sniffling throughout the podcast.

Preauthorized charges on credit cards are causing Best Buy pre-orders of the Nintendo Switch to be cancelled. I talk about gas station locking my debit card by not cancelling the pre charge and charging the actual amount for gas on top of the preauth charge. Then talk about the credit card fraud protection preventing me from making an overseas purchase. The charge was still cancelled after calling the company to get the charge through.

Talk about LittleBigPlanet 2 and then talking about Little Big Planet 3 and how there was no direction in the game or story.

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