Richie Leahey chats about the joys of parenthood. He talks about his experiences as a first-time parent and covers topics essential for fatherhood. Becoming a first-time parent is a rite of passage for anyone, male or female, and it can be a daunting experience. Richie provides a lighthearted talk through the life changing event of becoming a parent.

017 Year 4 Development Chart

Richie gives details on the future of the podcast and the introduction of video. He then dives into the year 4 milestones and what to expect from your child at this age. Children will want to play with other children and they will begin to understand and retell stories. They will also experience increased balanced […]

007 Syndication and Halloween

This is an in-between episode where Richie talks about a schedule change for the Dad Strength podcast. The podcast will now be released on Wednesday. He then talks about going out for Trick or Treat and dressing up for Halloween. He finishes the episode by talking about Saturday morning cartoons and sign language.