Super Bowl Thoughts During the Game

I decided to record the podcast a bit differently this week. I recorded bits and pieces during the game on my phone. The quality could have been a bit better if I had anticipated the need to use a microphone with the input jack on my iPhone 6. I enjoyed the live recording aspect of the podcast and am hoping to use this as a springboard into doing more live recordings in the future for Southbound Sports.

The Super Bowl itself featured one of the most epic comebacks of all time. The start of the game gave me the feeling that this would be another Super Bowl blowout like the Seahawks victory a few years back. The Falcons were able to score at will and even returned a Tom Brady interception for a touchdown. With a massive lead and all factors of the game clicking, it looked like the Falcons were cruising to an easy victory.

The Falcons had a chance to put the game away, but their coaching decisions left a lot to be desired. If I were a Falcons fan, I would have been sick to my stomach watching the offense take sacks to push them out of field goal range. The Falcons had such as huge lead that they probably could have ran the ball three times and punted for the remainder of the game and still won. Instead, they opted to try to pass the ball which led to them blowing the largest lead in Super Bowl history.